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This is the "About Me" page, the page in which the owner of any personal web site will try to sum up his entire existence into one small page of text. Here goes...

I moved to Seattle a few years ago to start out as a software engineer with Amazon.com. After about a year and a half working there, I moved to Tableau Software, where I have worked since 2011.

Before coming to Seattle, I spent two years in Madison, WI studying for my MS in computer science (and doing lots of grading) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

I originally grew up in Minneapolis, MN and went to college at Iowa State University where I met my wonderful wife Liz and was a member of the Iowa State University Cyclone Football "Varsity" Marching Band and pep band.

In my spare time, I enjoy curling, playing board games, hiking, reading science fiction novels, using obscure denominations of U.S. currency, and just generally having fun.

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